Welcome to The Chinese Medical & Skin Centre. The first Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Stoke on Trent.

We offer acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. There are effective natural treatments available for nearly all medical conditions, from allergies to leukaemia. We are specialists in the treatment of Skin disorders and back pain.

To see a full list of conditions treated by Chinese Medicine.

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments including:


         Herbal Medicine


         Cupping Therapy

Highly qualified and experienced practitioners trained in China.

The best quality Herbal medicine products.

Effective herbal treatments for nearly all medical conditions

Had acupuncture elsewhere but it did not work? Try Authentic Acupuncture!

Worry about toxicity, endangered species? Our herbal medicine is totally toxic-free and does not contain any endangered species, Guaranteed!

We have extensive experience on treating various diseases and symptom . We aim to provide treatment of the highest standard and expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine within a relax and friendly environment. The treatments are safe, gentle and effective, incorporating our professional.